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Digital Prints

Pick A Print Library and Base Cloth Options

Welcome to our Pick A Print program! Here's how it works:

1) Choose a print (regular paper or digital paper) from "Pick A Print 1" or from "Digital Prints In Stock" (digital paper). We also have a larger library of digital print options in our "Digital Print Library" (i.e. these are not in stock).

2) Then, you will choose a base cloth! Below, you will see all of our base cloth options. From our 12 stocked fabrics, pick the ones that best fits your needs. Production lead time may vary, contact your sales person to arrange specific shipment. Order minimums are only 50 yards on our stocked items! If you'd like a print that is either custom or not stocked, then the minimum is 220 yards of paper (this minimum can be split among any of the base fabrics at 50 yards each!).

A base cloth card featuring our stocked base cloths is available upon request.

Call (844) 827-4206 or Contact Us for pricing information.

Stretch Mesh

80% Poly 20% Spandex; 56/58" ; 2.6oz/sq yd Qualities: Stretch mesh, ideal for cover-ups, leotards and more.

Jewels® Foil

80%Poly/20% Spandex, 58/60" 6oz/sq. yd Qualities: A foiled fabric that has outstanding stretch, takes on the print colors to give a unique look. Coordinate with a matching Jewels Foil Solid

Sanded High Count

90% Poly/10% Spandex; 56/58; 5.9oz/sq. yd Qualities: Reversible! Print on the brushed side of fabric or enjoy the soft hand against your skin and print on reverse.

Micro Poly Wovens Sanded Board-Short

100% Micro Polyester; 58/60" 3.8oz/sq. yd Qualities" This sanded woven fabric does the job for your board short, swim trunk & surf apparel.

Twinkle Glitter Velvet

90% Poly/ 10% Spandex, 58/60" 9oz/sq. yd Qualities: Superb stretch and feel. Pine Crest provides the best stretch and performance velvet in the market.

P2 Tricot

82% Poly/18% Spandex; 5.9oz/sq. yd Qualities: Excellent active wear tricot that sublimates beautifully. Great weight for swimwear and other active performance appear. Currently all digital prints are on our P2 tricot cloth. UPF 50+ Rated.

Deluxe Tricot

83% Poly 17% Spandex; 58/60"; 7.6 oz/sq yd Qualities: Excellent weight and stretch recovery. Superior cloth for all active-wear markets. Super supportive stretch fabric; breathable; prints beautifully. Our #1 seller for active wear markets. Use for rash-guards, swimsuits, leggings and more. UPF 50+ Rated.

Duck Dive

84% Poly 16% Spandex:46; 11.8oz/sq. yd Qualities: This fabric is ideal for surf and swim apparel! It also works well for active wear, technical and fashion apparel. You will be amazed at how vibrant and accurate this fabric prints!

Super Drape – I T Y

95% Poly 5% Spandex; 56/58"; Approx 6.05oz/sq yd Qualities: Wonderful sportswear and casual wear fabric. ITY can be used for custom wet prints. ITY stands for Interlock Twist Yarn and is a method of putting a twist in yarn used for knit fabrics which gives this fabric some wonderful characteristics. The result is more natural elasticity and a soft feel inside & out.


75% Poly 25% Spandex; 57/59"; 7.4 oz/sq yd Qualities: A heavier weight and tighter spandex, this microfiber tricot is great for all activewear markets! UPF 50+ Rated.


86% Poly 14% Spandex; 58/60"; 7.1oz/sq. yd Qualities: This fabric is a tried and true tricot, delivering quality to activewear markets at a tremendous price! UPF+ certified.


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Digital Prints