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Bill is a purchasing assistant at Pine Crest Fabrics. He has been with the company for 12 years, and has showed his value in every single one of them. He is a “jack of all trades.” He does a lot of troubleshooting, and of course, a lot of assistance! Most recently, Bill has been training our former warehouse manager, Josh.  He mainly assists with purchasing and warehouse duties, although there is hardly any department of Pine Crest that Bill does not deal with.


Bill’s Favorites

Favorite part of the job: Solving problems

Favorite Pine Crest fabric: Zeon BTP038C1 (Unfortunately, a discontinued item. But there’s still some small yardage left!)

Favorite restaurant in Portland: Olive Garden (lucky for Bill, they have those in every city.)

Fun Fact about Bill: He had a discussion with Richard Nixon!

Favorite thing(s) to do outside of work: Play basketball and softball (his softball team won the World Championship in 2014!)




 Bill has a lot of exciting things ahead of him. He will be retiring in April! The PCF team will greatly miss his expertise. Hopefully, we can all cheer him on at his next softball world championships! I hear they’re being held in sunny Arizona…

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