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We were happily surprised to see our first shipment arrive two days ahead of schedule! And we are SOOOO pleased with the quality of the skirts!!! Just as you promised…they are 99% flawless (and what problems we have found can be easily fixed on our end). I apologize that I did not email sooner with my appreciation…been flat on my back sick for three days…my immune system is never very strong, and when I am stressed (which is most of the time), I fall ill easily. The next paragraph will explain the added stress…

Our Miami facility completely screwed up all the skirts they made, even though they had YOUR digitized patterns to work from! Part of the problem is that they did not follow my instructions to test the stretch of the fabrics and go WITH MAXIMUM STRETCH AROUND THE BODY OF THE WEARER; NOT VERTICALLY. I am trying to figure out ways to save the skirts.

You should be very proud of your work (as I know Rafael is) because you all SAVED MY NECK!!! We have some gorgeous skirts to take to our biggest event of the year next week because of you! (Six groups of skirts that were SUPPOSED to have made their debut at that show will be sent back to Miami to be fixed…sigh).

So…thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing work and customer service! I assume you are working with Tom on payment; he should have everything lined up for you.

We will plan on more work for you, as we are extremely pleased!
Thanks again,