A Seamtress for the Arizonia Rattlers, The Sidewinders

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Kirsten Gilbert is a seamstress and has made the beautiful outfits for the Arizona Sidewinders. Kirsten makes all these cute little dance outfits herself along with the help of some stretch fabric of course!  You already know that dance costumes are hard to create. Because they are stretchy and not everyone who sews can handle stretch. Heck, some professional seamstresses can’t even handle stretch. Kirsten uses the cut & sew process, which means she designs from concept, (sketch) to final product.

No manufacturing here all made by hand! A multi task-er like no other, holding her new born and sewing all at the same time! I can’t even imagine trying to sew on one, let alone 18! That’s a lot of stretch 🙂




Cheers to the final product! Great job Kirsten!
Need help creating a stretchy outfit contact Kirsten here,

 Contact https://www.facebook.com/kirsten.gilbert.58

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