This New Year Fabric You NEED to Print On!

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Happy New Year from all of us at Pine Crest!! We hope you all have a safe, healthy and fun new year ahead!

We have some exciting new and elegant spandex fabrics that can double as a base fabric! Try out printing on our new fabric,Twinkle Tricot and be amazed! The light sparkles on this fabric bring a certain type of elegance to your product and the sparkles don’t even shed!

Check out all the below colors of Twinkle Tricot! Call your sales rep today at 844-827-4206 for sample and order requests!

black twinkle tricot
Twinkle Tricot | FTG101C1 Black — additional info HERE 
Twinkle tricot forest green
Twinkle Tricot | FTG101C2 Forest Green — additional info HERE


twinkle tricot lime
Twinkle Tricot | FTG101C3 Lime — additional info HERE


twinkle tricot navy
Twinkle Tricot | FTG101C4 Navy — additional info HERE
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