Happy New Year!

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Welcoming a NEW YEAR, 2015!  Want to know what's up our sleeves for the rest of the year??  Lots of NEWNESS!  To start Tim moved into his office, yay!  We finally gave John the boot and kicked him into the corner....no we didn't...well maybe a little.  Our new President deserves his own office, sorry John!  The rest off the office received a make over as well!  New cubes, new carpet and a new splash of color on the walls!
Some more newness, we have a few new prints that have arrived this NEW YEAR and will be arriving soonish. Half Pipe, 2 new colorways and one with a foil that we have added to our stock line. Graffiti Heart (due in the end of the month, hopefully!) Textured Yarn in two colorways, (see image below.)
If you order from us regularly you have probably heard of the hold up at the west coast ports. It's a total bummer for our customers . There is a huge strike going on so our goods are being held up on the water. You can read more about what is going on HERE. Because of the hold up we have to add an additional 3 weeks to production time, YIKES! Let's hope they get what they deserve and can successfully end this strike ASAP!
Coming up: LA TEXTILE SHOW! March 2-5th. Come visit us! We will be showing all of our new development, custom prints, and more! Check out our January Newsletter, CLICK HERE.
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