Polyurethane Coating

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What makes polyurethane coating so special?  Polyurethane coating enhances the performance abilities of fabric in many ways.  The polyurethane is applied to the back of many stretch fabrics as a thick layer of polymer.  A common use of polyurethane is for wind and waterproof outerwear that can still allow water vapor to slowly diffuse through it, making fabric breathable.

Polyurethane coated spandex fabrics are even used in many high-tech swimsuits.  The coating can enhance the performance abilities of a typical spandex blend fabric by adding buoyancy, especially for competitive swimmers.

This month, we are offering some of our polyurethane coated nylon-spandex blends for a discount.  If you want high-performance fabric in stylish prints, check out our promotional stretch fabrics below!



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