Staff Profile Blog: Stacey

Stacey is a sales person at Pine Crest and has been here for a short 15 years. She happily works closely with customers to help plan their lines, manage their accounts, and ensure that they are up to date on the most current PCF products. When asked what a typical day looks like at Pine Crest, Stacey said, “There is no typical day at Pine Crest! It is fast-paced and always sparkly.” Stacey has a wealth of knowledge. She is the go-to person for questions about how the fabric will perform and which fabric is best for which activity.


Stacey’s Favorites

Favorite part of the job: Seeing the end result is always rewarding. Trend-shopping for our Product Development is always fun too!

Favorite Pine Crest fabric: Currently, I’d say it is Driven or Flutter. We are very proud of these.

Flutter: BTP082C1
Driven: BTP083C4

Favorite restaurant in Portland: Nostrana, although I hear In ‘n Out might be coming to Portland soon, so that would be a close 2nd!

Favorite things to do outside of work: Play outdoors as much as possible!

Fun Fact about Stacey: I have a degree in Clothing & Textiles (BONUS fun fact: I have never turned down ice cream!).

Stacey is an extremely valuable member of this Pine Crest team. She has knowledge for days and shows her passion for this industry through her work with customers. Thanks for being a part of the team, Stacey!

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